About us

The Synergy management team have been working in software and data duplication since the late seventies, so have been at the forefront of all major developments and techniques in the industry, this knowledge and experience permeates the entire business and affords the business a solid foundation which has shown year on year growth since formation.

Committed to achieving 100% data accuracy in all our duplication work, stringent in our approach to accuracy of our printing and Software development with solid robust coding the Synergy ethos is 'nothing but the very best will do'. Everything we produce is thoroughly and measurably tested to ensure we can give the guarantees our clients demand.

Our business is not a commodity business, the barriers to entry and investment required to enter the general duplication industry are relatively low but to offer 100% data accuracy and unrivalled reliability requires a scientific approach with significant investment and a knowledgebase like ours built over the last 40 years.