USBs & Powerbanks


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At Synergy USB Solutions we believe in offering complete peace of mind through our end to end service. As one of our customers we will help you decide which product best suits your individual needs. We can produce all the packaging and supporting material. Your content will be checked on arrival and also after it is copied on to the sticks. The finished sticks will be packed and delivered anywhere in the world but always on time. Tight deadline? Why not ask about our new xpress24 service.

Maybe you already have a data distribution requirement or you are simply looking for a branded gift either way USB  make good sense. People like USBs and tend to keep them, this is what makes them one of the premier branded items in terms of user retention.

Flexibility is really the key to what makes USBs so great. You can pick a sizes that meets your needs from 256mb to 1TB. The case can be chosen from our extensive range and then branded or be formed into almost shape you want. They work on Mac, PC and Linux. Users can add and update their own content. The content that is put on when the sticks are created can be locked to prevent it being deleted. Also if required we can create process for updating content remotely.

Synergy USBs

At  Synergy we believe in offering our customers the best, most up to date range of USBs on the market. We manufacture a range of stylish stock USBs and are constantly refreshing our range with new designs. We also supplement our range by actively seeking out the latest designs and innovations by other manufacturers . If you have seen something you want and it is not on our site let us know and we will find it. Or maybe the design you want doesn't exist? Well that's OK, it cost more but we can also manufacture bespoke USBs.

Synergy Power Packs

Power Packs are a handy solution for inevitable consequence of mobile life. Lack of power! They are a flexible and uniquely designed solution for charging mobile phones, Sat Navs and MP3 Players that have run out of battery. At Synergy we can supply a wide range of Power Pack of varying costs and capacities. We can also brand them with your logo making them the ideal gift.To go to our Powerbank site Click here

Synergy USB solutions

This encapsulates Synergy's total service approach to USB. Rather than just providing sticks our service is broken up into seven  key stages. As a customer the stages you go through will be based on your individual requirements.