Synergy USB solutions

This encapsulates Synergy's total service approach to USB. Rather than just providing sticks our service is broken up into seven  key stages. As a customer the stages you go through will be based on your individual requirements.



Free consultation

What are you trying to achieve? We will work with you to match a product to your individual needs. If you are adding files to the stick we will advise you on the best practices and any usability issues related to your content and your target platforms. If required we can also discuss with you options for creating file management systems, converting files or update systems.

Branding and Packaging

If you supply designs our studio will work with you make sure the finished product meets your expectations. We can help you choose from a wide range of stock packaging or design bespoke packaging.

Data Upload & Datalock

Your content will be checked on arrival on the target platforms, we can also offer a full testing including detailed reporting if required. During data upload the sticks will be bit for bit compared to the original content automatically and random samples will also be checked manually. If you are working to a tight deadline don't worry, we offer a 24hr print and duplication service on some models and can upload your data on any model at the very last minute to enable up to the wire content development. We also offerDatalock. This service gives you the option to lock key data onto the USB. The user will be able to access the key data but will not be able to update or delete it.

data lock_nobg.png

If you have chosen this option the sticks will be made up into their individual packages and then boxed up ready for dispatch with all the required documentation.


You will receive samples of your order and the rest will be delivered to wherever you request in the UK or anywhere in the world.