For those special customers. Why not wow them with promotional video set into your printed literature. Click here for our new Vidipack site

What if you didn't just want to tell people how good your product is or how it worked but you actually wanted to show them? No, not on the Internet or on TV but within your own printed literature. Now you can. Ultra slim Video cards allow you to add live video to your printed literature.

User manuals

Bring your documents to life with actual demonstrations on how to operate your products. If you're selling high-end Machinery, Boats, Cars or Property don't you think your clients deserve to be shown how to do complex tasks?


In a competitive market place wow your top customers with brochures that include live video of your product. If a picture is worth a thousand words then what is a video worth?


Video cards can be produced in hundreds or thousands to meet your clients individual needs. The content can changed to target different user groups. But rest assured which ever option you choose, this is a product that will make a lasting impression on the recipients.